Saturday, May 4, 2013

Homeschooling my son's

Learning how to Teach a child is an experience
But when you are "Mommy" & "Teacher" & "Principle"

You learn the delicate balancing act!

Which is exactly what this year has been all about.. 

Learning the balance of being tough.. but Gentle!

Mom's should be Strict!

I found this and had to share.. 

Why All Moms Should Be Strict

One big reason why all moms should be strict is peer pressure.
Peer pressure can lead to violence, criminal activity, bullying, gang membership, teen pregnancy, drugs and even might cause your child to drop out of school.
Peer pressure is bad.
Kids succumb to it because like us, they desire to fit in but they don’t have all the experience like we have. They don't know better yet. It's up to us to teach and show them the way, the right way forward. And as parents we know that sometimes “fitting in” can and will leave you out especially you fit in with the wrong crowd.
Here’s an early preview to what’s coming; build your child’s self-esteem.
child with high self-esteem performs better in life than a child with low self-esteem and will most likely say, “No” to peer pressure than a child with low self-esteem.
If you want to be a good strict mom then do the following and you’ll raise kids that you’ll be proud to say are yours.

The Exact Way To Be A Strict Mom

Have Rules
  • Write "The Rules" with clear goals in mind - i.e. Johnny will be a good boy in school because that will lead to Johnny being a good citizen, Johnny will not steal because stealing is a crimes and criminals get punished and go to jail.
  • Make sure "The Rules" are clear
  • Explain why “The Rule” Is The Rule
  • Make Sure the Rules Are Understood
  • Reinforce “The Rules”
  • Forgive “The Rules” if you are wrong – yes, you will be wrong sometimes – admit it, forgive the fault and move on – your kid will not only love you, but respect you too
Set Expectations
  • Set Realistic Expectations – when Johnny is old enough to do a chore – teach it to him but don’t expect a masterpiece too early in the process
  • If you expect good grades make sure they are in line with your child’s capabilities or ramp your child up to perform in that way i.e. tutors, extra help from you
Build Up Your Kids Self Esteem
  • Love your kid no matter what – divorce his dad so what, looks like Uncle Harry who you abhor so what, reminds you of a moment you want to forget – love your kid and love them big and boldly
  • Value your kid’s opinion even if you disagree – listen intently and if you disagree, say so and why
  • Always tout your kid’s good work – let the world know that your kid is awesome and make sure your kid sees you – you’ll be surprised how your kid will live up to that Rock Star Status
  • Teach your kid the “Can Do” attitude by teaching them to dream big and believe bigger
  • Be the loudest cheerleader at your kids games, events, etc – just embarrass the heck out of them
Check Your Kid’s Progress Always
  • Let your kid know that "Big Mother" is always watching
  • Be the warm shadow behind your kids work, world and ways
  • The only way to know how your kid is doing is to watch – you are “The Watcher”
  • Talk to teachers, neighbors, friends, family, nannies etc about your kid – know how they are doing always
Be the Adult You Want Your Kid to Be
  • Even if you weren’t bright, act bright – your kid won’t know until they are older
  • Be responsible
  • Keep your word
  • Only make promises you can keep - or use words like "try, maybe, we will see, hopefully"
  • Be courtesy
  • Live the way you want your child to live
  • Your message should always match your method
  • Your words must model your work

Your Leadership Plays A Role In Who Your Child Will and Can Become

You can use any curriculum. You can even send them to Public School.. 
But without the right balance and the right structure.. 
Your children and their lives will be a MESS!

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